Zapier/Integromat Integration
Now you can implement an automation workflow (Zapier/Integormat) for any action in Jet. This functionality allows us to go way beyond what you natively had in Jet and implement pretty much any workflow imaginable.
Component Actions
Component Actions
Let's consider a flow where your ops or support team updates the status of a user. In that case, it makes a lot of sense for the changed values to be seen immediately after the action is executed. You can easily achieve that with the Component Action. The changes will be visible instantly after the button is clicked without having to refresh the page.
Now, let's see how it works: Component Actions.
Custom Notifications
Custom Notifications
In Jet any action that's executed comes with the notification pop-up window, displaying different messages depending on the outcome. The typical success message looks like this:
Now you can set your own custom messaging so that our example message might be something like that:
Now, let's see how it works: Custom Notifications.
Storages: AWS S3, Firebase, Google Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage in Jet Admin allows you to integrate with the most popular providers so that you can manage your files and folders along with your internal tooling in one place. You will see a Storage File Viewer that you'll use to access your data.
Now, let's see how it works: Cloud Storages.
API Builder
To quickly connect a custom API use API Request Builder. You can make GET request to visualizing orders data in Table component or POST request to reset a password for a specific user.
Now, let's see how it works: API Builder.
Environments allow you to have multiple configurations of your project within Jet Admin. If you want to update the resource, add a new one, change the settings or alter the UI, you can do it safely in a separate environment, whether it's staging or dev, and after the changes are reviewed and approved you can merge this new configuration into the production version. You also can create separate environments to control the updates: test the update on the staging environment and then push it into production.
Now, let's see how it works: environments.
A formula is a method to access every piece of data and build up to as complicated a data flow pattern as you need it to be. You can combine, modify or calculate the values, or you can even pull up an access control system based on logical conditions set by an appropriate formula.
Now, let's see how it works: formulas.
Approval workflow
There are certain actions that you wouldn't want your support team to have the full authority over as the price for the error is really high. In that case, you can create an approval workflow. Such a workflow would help:
  • route approval requests to the approver
  • provide the approver with information pertinent to the case
  • make it a rule that certain actions can only be performed if approved
  • optionally, enable communication within the approval process
Now, let's see how it works: approval workflow.
Added Filters to Activity log
Activity log allows you to track all user's operations in Jet Admin: view, create, update, delete, etc. Now you can filter all your activity log by date, a specific type of activity, and members
Activity log
v2.0.1 – Templates, Google Sheet integration
We are pre-built more than 10+ templates. We put together predefined components and tool templates and created internal tools that cover the most common use cases in almost any industry. Check out all templates.
Library of Component Templates
Would you like to track the list of customer transactions from Stripe, tickets from Zendesk, or send emails through SendGrid? Jet provides predefined components based on Resources. Choose Resource to see the list of available components and drag-and-drop it to organize on the Page.
Google Sheet integration
Connect your Google Sheets account to Jet to build an Internal tool on top of Google Sheets!
Check out our documentation to learn more about using Google Sheet with Jet!
New business apps integrations
  • Twilio. Send SMS and make outbound. calls
  • Amplitude.Track users activities and events
  • Intercom. Manage your users and conversations
  • Mixpanel. Track events and users activities
  • Mailchimp. Add users to an audience list, send emails.
  • Mailgun. Send emails from MailGun.
  • Pipedrive. Manage customers, deals, companies.
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